Andalucian President accuses Spain’s PM of damaging tourism reputation of Granada & Costa del Sol’s Malaga

Junta de Andalucia's President Juanma Moreno announces free movement between provinces across the region from Monday June 8. CREDIT: Juanma Moreno Facebook @juanmamorenobonilla

Andalucian President Juanma Moreno has accused Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and his government of damaging the international brand image and reputation of Costa del Sol’s Malaga and Granada, for denying the two provinces access to Phase 2 of de-escalation, along with the rest of the region.

“THAT decision has damaged the international tourism reputation of both territories,” he told Sanchez, just a few hours earlier. He did not hide his disappointment at Sunday’s meeting with the Prime Minister and other regional heads.

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“The decision is a difficult one to understand,” Moreno stated, reiterating “which we don’t actually understand by the way”. Furthermore, he added, that the “message has sent the wrong message to the international tourism community”, and as a result has “unnecessarily damaged the reputation of both provinces”.

Moreno again urged Sanchez to act with “equality” and “rectify his decision” and allow the two territories to access Phase 2 of de-escalation, along with the other six provinces of Andalucia. Moreno argued that both provinces “met the health and hospital criteria for accessing Phase 2, outlined by the Ministry of Health”. In fact, they have “better statistics than some other territories that have already gained access to Phase 2 of de-escalation”, he added.

Moreno also urged Sanchez to consider a national tourism rescue plan, which he proposed a month ago, and to focus his attention on this sector, which many describe as “the motor of the Spanish economy”.


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