This Prime Minister is For Turning over Chinese Involvement in 5G

An ebullient Boris Johnson outside No 10 Credit: No 10 flickr

DESPITE initially spurning the request from Donald Trump to refuse to allow Chinese corporation Huawei to become part of Britain’s 5G expansion, according to the Daily Telegraph, this current Prime Minister is for turning.

Although only admitted to the groups involved in creating the 5G infrastructure with a minimum percentage, both American politicians and a considerable number of Tory back-benchers have fought against the Chinese having involvement whatsoever.

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With a majority in the House of Commons of 80, you would think that the government would be safe from losing any vote, but with some 50 Conservative MPs indicating that they could vote against the government over the matter, it could see an embarrassing loss.

The other problem is that one Britain leaves the European Union it needs decent trade deals with strong economic partners and President Trump has already warned that the involvement of Huawei could affect a deal with America.

It appears therefore that although Boris Johnson can’t simply cut the Chinese company out completely in the short term, he now plans to finish their involvement by 2023.

The American fears are that if instructed by the Chinese government, Huawei could conceivably disrupt security matters not just in the USA but with its friends and partners.

There is also some concern that despite China’s apparent acceptance of a style of democracy, those in power are still controlling much of what happens and could easily start another ‘Cold War’ if it suited them.


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