State of alarm could be lifted in many regions of Spain in coming days “if nothing goes pear-shaped” says Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez

CONFIDENT: The Prime Minister expects there to be freedom of movement throughout Spain by the beginning of July. CREDIT: La Moncloa Twitter @desdelamoncloa

THE state of alarm could be lifted in many regions of Spain in the coming days “if nothing goes pear-shaped”, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez reportedly told the head of the country’s autonomous community governments on Sunday.

“Every day we are in a better situation”, Sanchez commented during the morning’s videoconference meeting with all the regional presidents.

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He defended the decision to extend the state of alarm for another 15 days to June 7, a move which Congress narrowly agreed on Wednesday. But he expressed confidence that it will have been lifted throughout the whole of Spain by the end of next month or the beginning of July, and some time before that in a good number of parts of the country, depending on the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Prime Minister echoed the comments he made at a press briefing on Saturday that Spain will have a tourist season this summer, music to the ears of the country’s coronavirus crisis-battered tourism industry.

He told the regional government leaders that given the view the country will have recovered freedom of movement by the start of July, all Spaniards can now start to make plans for their summer holidays, as can international tourists.

Sanchez explained that the Ministry of Industry and Tourism is setting out protocols for the necessary procedures to allow for a return to normality.


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