Spain set to approve guaranteed minimum income next week to benefit 850,000 households

Vigo woman praises passers by after her money flies into the air
Spain's ‘guaranteed minimum income’ is expected to benefit around 850,000 ‘at risk’ households, according to the government. CREDIT: Pexels

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, announced today that the Cabinet is set to approve ‘guaranteed minimum income’ for ‘at risk’ households, next week on Tuesday.

THE scheme will benefit around 850,000 struggling households from June, according to the government.

The ‘guaranteed minimum income’ scheme was actually planned by the coalition government before the pandemic, but it will now benefit thousands of families left without an income as a result of the lockdown and coronavirus pandemic.

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The means tested benefit will depend on the size of family, number of children and the family’s assets. It is estimated to cost the Government in excess of €3 billion a year, and it has ensured that it has incorporated processes to prevent fraudulent claims.



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