Group of Knitters in Spain’s Costa del Sol donates €250 to help Local Good Causes

Knitting and nattering in happier times Credit: La Cala de Mijas Lions

DURING lockdown, it may have been more knit than natter but the group of ladies who normally meet on Monday and Wednesday morning at a café on the seafront in Los Boliches, Fuengirola are still doing their bit for charity.

Having made thousands of items mainly for the premature baby unit in Malaga City, these ladies both here in Spain and now with some back in the UK have been selling newly knitted items and have now donated €250 to the La Cala de Mijas Lions to use in their continued support of local charities.

Last year the Knit and Natter ladies became involved with the Red Madre and Adintre charities so not only are they looking forward to getting together one lockdown is lifted, they also want to continue to raise funds and help others.


The La Cala Lions were formed in 1988 and have been very active in the area raising funds through their three shops in La Cala de Mijas which they will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.

Apart from regular gifts to local good causes, the Lions also have a Diabetic Support Group and an Alzheimer’s Support Group.


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