Shocking Child Attack on Frail 85-Year-Old Lady Who is Robbed at Home in Spain’s Costa Blanca

Callosa de Segura in Spain´s Costa Blanca South, where the attack happened.

A girl attacked and robbed a frail 85-year-old lady in her own home in Spain’s Costa Blanca.

THE shocking incident happened in the Vega Baja town of Callosa de Segura, with the 16-year-old child running away with some jewellery.

The Guardia Civil eventually arrested the girl after making extensive inquiries and combing through CCTV footage.


The surprise attack happened after the senior Callosa resident heard the doorbell ring and when she opened the front door, the teenager was outside and politely asked her for a glass of water.

As the resident turned her back on the visitor to get her a drink, the senior citizen was shoved in the back and fell to the ground.

The intruder then had a quick sweep of the property and quickly removed some items of jewellery, before make a sharp exit.

The frightened home owner lay on the floor for some time in pain, before she was able to get up and go to the Callosa health centre for treatment to her right shoulder, which took the brunt of her fall.

The Guardia Civil launched a thorough investigation and eventually managed to identify and arrest the assailant.

It emerged that the teenager had committed a similar offence in Torrevieja in 2018, and she was remanded to the custody of a juvenile detention centre in Alicante Province.


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