Husband Creates Kidnapping Fantasy in Spain’s Costa Blanca To Trick His Wife

"Non" crime scene of bogus kidnapping in El Moncayo.

A man lied about a kidnapping in Spain’s Costa Blanca to try to fool his wife, because he got back home very late.

THE yarn then got out of control, as he reported the ‘crime’ to the Guardia Civil in Torrevieja, who then arrested him for making it all up

The 30-year-old Moroccan national had crawled back to his Torrevieja home at 4.00am and faced the wrath of his partner, who said that he would need a pretty good excuse for his tardiness.

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He told her that he had been kidnapped and thought he could convince her still further by reporting the alleged crime to the Guardia Civil.

The man stated to Guardia officers that two men, possibly from an Eastern European country, had approached him while he was in inside his car and they threatened him with a knife.

He was then forced to drive to an isolated spot between La Mata and Guardamar.

The ‘victim’ told the Guardia that the two assailants stole €800 from him, and kept waving the knife at him wanting even more money.

A bag was then put on his head and they drove away in the car, which had been lent to him by a friend.

They also destroyed his mobile phone to avoid him calling the emergency services for help, which meant that he had to walk all the way home.

The seriousness of the report forced the launch of an extensive Guardia investigation, including the man accompanying officers to El Moncayo where he had been assaulted.

After around 30 minutes in the area, officers had started to pick holes in the inconsistencies of the story, which included news that the ‘stolen’ car was parked up in a Torrevieja street.

The man broke down and admitted that he had made everything up purely to avoid getting a hard time from his wife.

The victim then became a law-breaker, as he was charged with the simulation of a crime, and was bailed ahead of his trial.


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