Open water only solution for keen swimmers in Velez-Malaga 

TRAINING: Swimmers losing out without pool time, credit: Pixabay

A VELEZ-MALAGA councillor suggested that swimming club members could train in the sea.

Jose Pino, spokesman for the Andalucia por Si party, said that swimmers belonging to regional sports federations and their clubs had not been able to train since the State of Alarm announcement.

“Now that sport may be practised individually, swimmers need an allocated space for their activities,” Pino maintained in the local Spanish media.


“We know that in the present situation, if swimming pools are allowed to open at all this summer, capacity will be limited to 30 per cent,” the councillor continued.

“That is why we are asking for an allocated section of beach to compensate for the lack of pools for swimmers to use.”

Given the number of people who will be going to the beach, they could train on a section limited by buoys at the designated sports hours, Pino said.

“Once the summer is over and we know what the situation is like, we’ll see if a return to normal is possible or if they will have to continue training in the sea.”




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