More than 300 traders and small businesses in Costa Blanca’s Oliva offered online training to reactivate local commerce

MARKETING SKILLS: Oliva Council is working with traders' assocation to offer free workshops. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Oliva

More than 300 traders and shops in Costa Blanca’s Oliva are being offered online training to reactivate local commerce.

OLIVA Town Council is offering six free digital training workshops to the town’s traders as part of measures announced by councillor of Commerce, Yolanda Balaguer, last week to reactivate local trade.

Organised in collaboration with the Association of Oliva Traders, ACCO, Balageur said “the workshops for traders will benefit more than 300 shops and other businesses in the town.”

The aim is to “provide digital tools and strategies to Oliva retailers in order to adapt the local business to the new needs arising from the Covid-19 health crisis by means of its digitalisation.”


The lectures and workshops will be held online and, two each week for three weeks, starting on May 26.

An online application form to take part will be published on the council’s website and ACCO social networks.

Balaguer said: “The town hall is also working on a virtual noticeboard, Oliva Grocery Store, where shops can promote their products free of charge and the public can search for any information and news about the local shops.

“The purpose of the noticeboard is to help traders to reload, reconnect and restock their shop.

“It is more than necessary to support our traders, since they have been very affected by the health crisis. We have to value the effort they make every day to offer us the best products from the area, and remember that they are always at our expense when we need them.”

She added: “It is very important that the people of Oliva are still aware of the importance of buying from the shop, because to reactivate the local trade is to reactivate the economy of the town.”

Rosa Llopis, President of ACCO, said the schemes “meet the need for Oliva traders to compete with digital tools that allow them to offer a better service to their customers.

“A fast service, better information about our products and a personalised attention via telematics are the fundamental pillars of the trade of the future.”


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