Ministry of Health Finally Announces That Madrid Can Finally Joins the Rest of Spain and Enters Phase 1 of De-Escalation Phase

Health Minister Salvador Illa has announced today that travel between communities will not be allowed in Phase 3 of de-escalation. Credit: Ministry of Health

THE Ministry of Health has announced its confidence that Spain’s capital city, Madrid will move onto Phase 1 after much anticipation from the entire community.

Starting from May 25, the entire country will have begun the de-escalation plan enacted by the government, as all communities should be in Phase 1 or will have passed it, including the most problematic areas: the Community of Madrid, Barcelona and its metropolitan area as well Castilla y Leon.

The regional government of Madrid is optimistic about moving onto the Phase 1 of the de-escalation plan after their reunion with the Ministry of Health which, according to sources, has recognised the immense capability of the health system in the capital.

Furthermore, the national media station RTVE has admitted that Madrid is more likely than not to enter Phase 1 on Monday. RTVE has even announced on their news channel that Madrid will pass on Monday and now Salvador Illa has confirmed this bringing joy to residents in the city who have been awaiting this progress.

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In terms of the evolution of the pandemic, in the last 24 hours in Spain there has been a total of 48 deaths in 24 hours, a smaller figure than on Wednesday. However, this does not include the data as they have had validation problems but they have now come out and said that the total number of deceased is 43, almost the same as the rest of the country.


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