Lighthouse accessibility drawbacks smoothed out with no problems in picnic and rest areas for those with mobility problems

EL FARO: Popular walking route, credit: Jesus Alende

EL FARO, Albir’s Lighthouse is now totally accessible for all members of the public.

Until now it has been possible to cover the 2.5-kilometre route in a wheelchair but it was more difficult to reach the picnic areas and rest areas.

These have now been paved with anti-slip surfaces thanks to cooperation between Alfaz’s town hall, the regional government’s Environment department and the management of the Sierra Helada national park where the Lighthouse is located.


All slopes and unevenness are signposted and both Alfaz town hall, the Sierra Helada park’s employees and the Generalitat have worked together to ensure eliminate the former restrictions that prevented those with mobility problems from accessing all sections of the El Faro route.





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