Arrivals in the UK from June 8 will have to self-isolate for two weeks, the government has announced

QUARANTINE: Arrivals in the UK must self-isolate in new travel measures. CREDIT:

Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced international visitors to the UK must quarantine for 14 days to “reduce the risk of cases crossing our border”.

THE measure will apply to travellers arriving from June 8, and will be reviewed every three weeks, while Patel said ministers will continue to seek new “safe and responsible ways” to reactivate international travel and tourism.

In the daily Downing Street press conference, Patel said the government is aware of how difficult the measures will be for the travel and leisure industries, which are already “struggling through these unprecedented times”.

The move means travellers will have to notify the government of where they intend to quarantine – which must meet necessary requirements – and random checks will be carried out by public health officials.

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Failure to fill in the online isolator contact form will mean a £100 fine and anyone who doesn’t comply with the confinement could be hit with a £1,000 penalty.

Facilities will be arranged by the government if a traveller has nowhere to “suitable” stay.

There will be exceptions, such as coronavirus health workers, lorry drivers and seasonal farm workers.

And the self-isolation measures won’t apply to people travelling from the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

The self-isolation policy will be implemented across the UK, though it remains to be seen how it will be enforced in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Airlines have warned enforced quarantine could effectively be the nail in the coffin for air travel, and questions have been raised as to ‘why now?’

In response, the government claims it would not have made enough of a difference while contagion was at its height in the UK.


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