Airbnb reaches out to governments of Spain Balearic holiday islands after court annuls fine for marketing unregistered holiday apartments

“GOOD PARTNER”: The company said it wants to work with the islands’ administrations on “innovative solutions” to challenges CREDIT: Petr Kratochvil

ONLINE marketplace Airbnb has reached out to the Balearic Island administrations after the regional High Court annulled a €300,000 fine for advertising unregistered holiday homes and apartment in the archipelago.

The Balearic Government imposed the fine on the platform two years ago on the grounds of marketing accommodation not registered with its Ministry of Innovation, Research and Tourism.

A statement on the Airbnb website noted the regional court’s reasoning was to a great extent based on a recent decision by the European Court of Justice on a case brought by the AHTOP French hoteliers’ association.


This it said “made it clear that Airbnb should be regulated as a society information service and not as a property agency.”

The statement continued, “we consider the decision of the Balearic High Court to be a positive step for our continued collaboration with the governments and cities of the islands of Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

“Airbnb has never questioned that it should be subject to regulation. The cities on the islands can and should have their own rules,” the statement adds, affirming, “at Airbnb we work in order that these are clear and appropriate to the current reality, allowing citizens to share their homes and to directly benefit from tourism revenues.”

The platform’s Spain and Portugal marketing services director general Monica Casañas insisted Airbnb wants to be “a good partner” and to work with the regional and individual island governments and local councils “on innovative solutions to the challenges of the different island communities.”

She also defended the company view that “sharing your own home is good for the people who live in them.

“Airbnb’s commitment is long-term and continuous, and without being perfect, the company continues learning, and its hope is to have solid relationships with the governments in the Balearic Islands,” Casañas ended.


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