WATCH: One injured as civil unrest prompted by anger over government handling of coronavirus crisis kicks off in Spain’s Madrid

TENSE: Residents clashed during a noisy ‘cacerolada’ protest CREDIT: Somlaresistencia Twitter @somlaresistenza

CIVIL unrest prompted by the Spanish government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis kicked off again in Madrid last night, leaving one young man injured.

Residents of the Moratalaz district of the city clashed during a noisy ‘cacerolada’ protest. People carrying Spanish flags and banging pots and pans to show their anger at decisions taken by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s administration came up against a bunch who oppose their protest action.


One young man who is against the government ended up in hospital after he got a punching. Quick action by members of the public and police officers prevented the incident from getting any worse, but tensions were high.

Last night was the 11th in a row of anti-government action in the Spanish capital. People turned out on the streets in several locations, demanding “freedom” and calling for the national administration to resign.

Numbers were noticeably down on those seen earlier, but there was a heavy police presence to ensure protestors stayed at least two metres apart from each other and to prevent roads ending up blocked to traffic.

There have also been protests over government actions on the pandemic in Spanish cities, including Salamanca, Valencia, Zaragoza, Sevilla, Logroño and Guadalajara.


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