Sweden overtakes the UK, Italy and Belgium to become the country with the highest coronavirus death rates per capita


Sweden has now officially overtaken the UK, Italy, and Belgium to have the highest coronavirus per capita death rate in the world.

According to figures collated by the Our World in Data website, Sweden had 6.08 deaths per million inhabitants per day on a rolling seven-day average between May 13 and May 20, putting in doubt its decision to avoid a further strict lockdown.

This is the highest in the world, above the UK, Belgium and the US, which have 5.57, 4.28 and 4.11 respectively. However, Sweden has only had the highest death rate over the past week, with Belgium, Spain, Italy, the UK and France, still ahead over the entire course of the pandemic.

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A health official in Sweden said nurses should wear face masks in elderly care homes at all times, people should wear face masks in crowded places and family members of those who are sick should also go into quarantine. Spain has made the wearing of face masks compulsory from today, Thursday May 21.



  1. Really, your coverage so far during this crisis has been excellent, but this piece of propaganda from yesterday’s nationals was rubbish then and still is today, you can’t compare two countries on a different strategy over a few days, Sweden has almost half the deaths per million of Spain and is a third those in Belgium, Sanchez can claim what he likes about the number saved by his actions, but the numbers don’t back him up,


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