Spanish Police chase Looky-Looky caught flogging fake face masks in Malaga on the Costa del Sol


Police in Malaga were seen chasing a group of Looky-Looky men through the town yesterday eventually ending up with some arrests.

IT is understood officers were tipped off by a local pharmacy who was complaining the face masks the street traders were selling were of inferior quality and could actually be dangerous. According to a local resident who witnessed the arrests the looky-looky men were arguing with police and protested about their arrests.

“One of the men had hundreds of masks tipped out onto the floor by a policeman and he went crazy, the officer held the mask in the air and you could see the light through it, even from where I was standing,” said Maria Muños.

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“A lot of people bought the masks, they were selling them for €1 for 20, but it turns out they are complete rubbish, the problem is there is a shortage, that new law means we all have to wear a mask or risk a fine, we can’t win either way!”



  1. About time all the looky looky men were arrested and stopped selling counterfeit goods , dangerous sunglasses , now masks . lock them up .


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