Spain’s Costa Blanca Still Wanting to Host World Famous Firework Fiesta Without Tourists

Firecrackers Banned During Costa Blanca’s Traditional Fallas Week
Firecrackers Banned During Costa Blanca’s Traditional Fallas Week File Photo EWN

SPAIN’S Costa Blanca is still wanting to host a world famous firework fiesta, but without tourists.

Elche Council has delayed until June on taking any decision on the fate of August’s Nit de l’Álba firework display that normally attracts thousands of visitors from across Spain and further afield.

All of the major Elche summer celebrations like El Misteri have already been called off due to the pandemic, but hope remains that the internationally-recognised display might continue as scheduled on August 13.


The council wants to assess the health situation next month, before deciding on the event’s fate, which it is understandably reluctant to call off.

The Nit de l’Álba takes place every August 13 as thousands of fireworks spectacularly light up the night sky in a ceremony that pays tribute to a special local ceremony dating back to the Middle Ages.

That’s when local families made offerings to the Virgin Mary by way of launching a rocket for each of their children.

The event could still be enjoyed by local residents watching from their home balconies as the Elche night sky is lit up in a spectacular fashion.


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