NHS staff can’t wait to relax in Spain’s holiday resort Benidorm on the Costa Blanca

EAGER TO GET BACK TO BENIDORM: Nicola Jane desperately needs a break from Covid-19 ward. CREDIT: Nicola Jane/Benidorm Seriously Facebook

An NHS worker can’t wait to relax in Spain’s holiday resort Benidorm on the Costa Blanca after months on a Covid-19 ward.

NICOLA JANE shared her desire to get back to Benidorm for a well-earned rest on Benidorm Seriously Facebook, captioning a photograph of herself in a full protective mask: “Working on Covid ward I can’t wait get to Benidorm.”

Immediately hundreds of well-wishers thanked her for her efforts and hoped she would soon be sunning herself in the popular holiday resort.

Marion Baillie replied: “Well done, you well deserve a holiday, doing an amazing job x.”


And Rosemary Leckey added: “Well done, you’re doing a fantastic job proud of our NHS, keep safe, holiday coming soon and you will enjoy it x.”

Helen Webster said nobody deserves a holiday more than those fighting the virus on the frontline.

“Well done, we think you’re doing a wonderful job. Just as long as the idiots who flout guidelines don’t keep you in lockdown on the Covid-19 ward!

“One day you will get to Benidorm. It’s up to us to do our bit to protect you and I hope people use common sense and use their heads.

“Enjoy Benidorm when you eventually get there because no-one deserves a holiday more than our NHS staff and essential workers. You are all doing an amazing job.

“If I meet anyone in the future who is an NHS worker, I promise you I will buy them the biggest drink I can x.”

Jeanette Whelan said she’d like to thank Nicola personally: “I spend a lot of time in Bennie on average three to six months a year, if I could see your face I would imprint it on my mind and buy you a cocktail x.”

While Anne Owen praised Nicola’s efforts: “Sometimes it’s a pleasure getting your bra off at night, God knows how it must feel to take that off your face, you are so brave, an Angel in disguise, thank you xx.”


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