It’s cool to be me


Due to lockdown, people are challenging themselves on all levels, some just trying to dominate new technology like Zoom to either carry on business meetings, TV shows or just to keep in touch with friends and family.

Others are facing destitution. During these times, even businesses that one could never have imagined closing down have had to cease and desist; challenging for even the most successful of companies. None of us are without consequence. Some are managing to adapt to the unusual conditions, even find opportunities as a result of the new demands upon our society. Some have had time to take stock of their lives and reflect upon new opportunities for the future. Others haven’t even had a chance to breathe with all the studying, cooking, cleaning and constant entertaining of quarantined kids. I can’t begin to imagine how stressed parents with youngsters in confined spaces, without even a garden or terrace perhaps, must feel after over eight weeks, some also having to work, others without even an income.

We are living in a situation like none other, a time to reach out for help without shame nor timidity, a time to stand up and be counted, whether to offer help or be on the receiving end. To help highlight what support is out there, for you to either contact as volunteer or assistance, we have selected each guest during this time even more carefully than ever, bringing you insights from professionals such as Harley Street psychologist Nikki Scheiner to address the stress and Dr Manuel Galache to talk about the do’s and don’ts of Covid-19 testing and David Carter from the New Life Marbella rehab centre on facing addictions in times of lockdown.

We are constantly informing on services to help the elderly, helpless and homeless, welcoming also Pamela Lake and Robert Cazan of the Rotary Club Marbella-Guadalmina, raising funds for a host of charities but all with the same ethos: to feed, house and support those in most need at this moment. They have a GoFundMe page if you wish to collaborate with them.

On a different note is the interview with young author, Charlie Mills who started off this week’s programming. He wants to help young children grow up with high self-esteem, beautifully reflected in his new book, “It’s Cool to be Me”.
The story is directed at 3 to 8-year-olds. Personally I think it should be in all schools and read by all adults too, as our world has become far too demanding with far too much emphasis on results and material things; without mention to our personal well-being.

Children need a childhood and to know that being authentic and true to oneself is actually what should take priority in life. Due to the book’s popularity, it can now also be personalised to make your child the star of the story, and let them know from as early on as possible in life that “It’s cool to be me”

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Nicole King

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