Insurance issues are going to a problem for potential holidaymakers to Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Potential holidayakers concerned about coronavirus cover.

Insurance issues are going to be a problem for potential holidaymakers to Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca as many fear they are not covered for coronavirus.

SCOTT BLAIR discovered this was the case with his insurance policy, and shared with members of Benidorm Seriously, knowing it would be “of interest to those who live in Spain and those hoping to visit soon.”

He said: “I decided to check if I was covered for coronavirus on my Spanish health and also holiday insurance and this was the reply … With regards to treatment for the Coronavirus as a client I can advise it is EXCLUDED. The policies do not cover any type of assistance related to coronavirus, according to the General Conditions. These can be found under section 4 in the General Conditions booklet, it states:
4. Exclusions.
The following benefits are not covered in this insurance policy:
a) Health care for diseases or injuries received as a result of civil, international or colonial wars, riots, uprisings, repressions, military operations, revolutions and acts of terrorism as well as care needed to treat ailments resulting from officially declared epidemic outbreaks.”

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Karen Eastwood added: “I’m sure I saw somewhere that a lot of holiday insurance companies would not cover Covid-19 at all.

“If you were to travel then contracted it and required hospital treatment, you would have to pay for all treatment yourself as Spain doesn’t have an NHS like Britain.

“I’m not a doom mongerer, but I’d seriously think long and hard about venturing overseas this year.”

Pauline McKee should have been travelling to Benidorm tomorrow, Friday, May 22, but insurance fears have put paid to any holiday.

“Should have been going to Benidorm this Friday but can honestly say so glad I’m staying at home, sad but with no insurance for this virus don’t think we will be back in Benidorm or anywhere else.”

However, Hazel Edgar says there is cover.

“You can still use the NHS hospital, with your EHIC card. That’s covered till Jan 2021.”

The UK government has put together a coronavirus (Covid-19) essential international travel guidance.


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