Good News for Scotland as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Confirms Easing of Lockdown

Nicola Sturgeon First Minister of Scotland Credit - flickr

SCOTLAND’S first minister Nicola Sturgeon has revealed her plans for Scotland to start to emerge from lockdown.

From May 28, there will be a “careful” easing of the restrictions so that people will be able meet members of a different household and go out for short periods of exercise as well as taking advantage of forecast hot weather by sunbathing in parks.

A selection of outdoor activities such as golf, fishing and tennis will be allowed but there is no general go ahead for contact sports as yet.


Whilst those who can will be encouraged to continue to work from home, businesses which are undertaken out of doors such as farming and forestry may recommence and construction can restart but on a staggered basis.

As easing progresses, next on the agenda will be the reopening of drive-through food outlets, and garden centres so long as social distancing is observed.

The first minister confirmed that people would be able to travel short distances for recreational purposes but preferably walking or cycling, although driving is not banned.

Schools are due to reopen on August 11 with a combination of home learning and attendance in the classroom and teachers may return to school earlier to prepare the classrooms and their curriculums.

All of this follows later than England and Ms Sturgeon has made it clear that this is a roadmap, which may need to be amended or diverted depending on whether there is a second wave of the virus.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he welcomed this news and that he would keep in contact with the devolved governments so that the UK could be seen to be moving forward.


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