Electronic first for pre-school registration in Costa Blanca’s Villajoyosa

PRE-SCHOOL FIRST: Registrations must be done telematically. CREDIT: Wallpaperflare

Pre-school registration is taking an electronic turn in Villajoyosa in light of the coronavirus health crisis.

THE council’s Education Department has begun the registration procedures for the next school year 2020/2021.

And this year it must be done telematically. Applicants will need a DNI, NIE or Certificate of Registration of Citizenship of the European Union, digital certificate or the system of electronic identity for the administrations [email protected]

Parents have been email all the information needed about the process and the registration deadlines for the next school year 2020/2021.


The first notification has been made to the parents of two and three-year-old pupils, and will later be issued to the 0 to one-year-old pupils.

In a statement, the Council said: “One of the novelties this year is that registration must be done telematically, and for this it will be sufficient for the applicant (mother, father or guardian) to have (the above information), as a system of verification of identity, in order to obtain the ‘admission key,’ which will consist of a personal identifier and a password.

This admission code will be necessary to access the school application.

Children born in 2017 will be able to choose from the seven infant and primary schools in Villajoyosa.

And a classroom with 18 vacancies has been set up at CEIP Hispanitat so that children born in 2018 can start school at a local public centre.

Various vouchers and subsidies are available.

To find out more visit Villajoyosa Education Department’s website: www.villajoyosa.com/educacion/


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