Dogs and security cameras protecting illegal goings on in Albox on Spain’s Costa Almeria

OPERATION: Most of the drugs was sent to other parts of Spain or to other EU countries. CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

SOME 20 security cameras and six dogs, most of them classified as potentially dangerous breeds, were used as protection for an Albox property housing an illegal marihuana plantation and sale set-up.

Guardia Civil launched an investigation after officers noticed a loud sound of humming machines and a strong smell of the drug wafting out of the property.

When they took a closer look they saw the cameras and the guard dogs.

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Surveillance operations revealed one of the inhabitants made regular trips to the offices of local courier companies.

When officers searched the property they found a door hidden behind shelving led to an area in which nearly 60 marihuana plants were growing. They also found ecstasy, buds prepared for sale and packets ready to be mailed, along with €4,000 in cash.

The Guardia said most of the drugs were sent to other parts of Spain or to other European Union countries.

The search also netted the seizure of two air guns and the discovery of an illegal hook-up to the power supply.

The investigation resulted in the arrest of 57-year-old GMWB and 60-year-old JMB on charges of drug trafficking and defrauding the power supply.


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