Crisis relief for hospitality sector in Costa Blanca’s Denia

BILL DEFERRAL: Assistance for businesses in the hospitality trade. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Denia

Denia Water Board has agreed to defer bill payments for the local hospitality sector.

THE measure is intended to help offset the economic and social impact of the crisis caused by the Covid-19.

The postponement will benefit the 424 registered establishments, which can request a deferment for invoices issued between May and August.

Denia Water Board, presided over by Mayor Vicent Grimalt, has agreed to postpone the payment of the water bills issued in these four months to all holders of a municipal contract for the domestic supply of drinking water whose activity is in the hotel and catering industry – restaurants, hotels, campsites, etc.


The first payment will be deferred until one month after the end of State of Alarm.

“This agreement is included in the package of extraordinary economic measures agreed upon by all the groups of the Municipal Corporation with the aim of helping to compensate for the economic and social impact of the crisis caused by Covid-19,” said the council in a statement.

Applications must be submitted by e-mail, before May 24, to [email protected], specifying ‘Postponement of hotel accommodation’ in the subject line.

The application must be submitted by the owner of the business, indicating his/her ID together with a water bill or the establishment’s customer code.

Aqualia has promised to respond to the request within a maximum of five working days.

“Furthermore, Denia Town Council and Aqualia remind you that there are aids and mechanisms to guarantee access to drinking water and sewerage for vulnerable families who cannot afford to pay their water bill, following a report issued by the Town Council’s Social Services,” the statement continued.

“These measures, in force long before the health alert, were taken to provide economic coverage and avoid cutting off the drinking water supply to people in particularly vulnerable situations.”


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