Constant water cut misery in Cuevas on Spain’s Costa Almeria set to become nuisance of the past as repair works get underway

PRIORITY: There were continuous leaks and breakages in both the water and sewerage pipes CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Cuevas del Almanzora

THE misery of constant water cuts suffered by residents of Calle Fuente Alamo in the Barrio Bravo area of Cuevas del Almanzora is set to become a nuisance of the past.

The council has got going on what it described as “very necessary” works to sort out the problems of continuous leaks and breakages in both the water and sewerage pipes.

The street is in fact being completely redone. All the piping is being replaced, which means taking up all the pavements.


The local authority is therefore taking advantage of the works to install a natural gas supply and fibre optic for the internet. It has also installed an electrical system for street lighting, all of which is going to be changed for new LED lights.

The council reported the works are progressing at a good pace. Once the jobs are done the road will be resurfaced and new, wider pavements put down in line with the law.

“This is an action we had as a priority due to the continuous problems and the consequent inconveniences in the daily lives of our residents, which are being resolved while also looking towards the future so as not to have to dig more ditches for new services,” said Cuevas Public Works and Services councillor Francisco Navarro.


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