Andalucia’s Government urges Spain’s PM to lift quarantine for international holiday makers & impose tests & temperature checks instead to save tourism

Will Spain's 'safe travel corridor' proposal allow international tourists to return to Spain's shores before July 1? CREDIT: Pexels

The Junta de Andalucia has today urged the government to lift the imposed 14-day quarantine measures for international travellers entering the country, and impose tests and temperatures tests instead, in a bid to save the tourism industry.

ACCORDING to the Junta of Andalucia’s Vice President Juan Marin, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez must stop the new quarantine measure for international travellers. “It’s wrong. It doesn’t make sense when there are other workable solutions,” he pointed out.

The Junta de Andalucia is proposing that airports carry out temperature checks on travellers both on arrival and exiting the airports, as well as have a Covid-19 test prior to departure. Marin believes that this measure can easily be implemented at airports in Malaga and Sevilla.

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But it seems the government is in no hurry to reactivate international tourism, as in the cases of countries like Italy and Greece, with Sanchez preferring a more ‘cautious’ approach, as reported.

However, Andalucia and the Costa del Sol are keen to reactivate the tourism sector, as soon as possible to make up for the industry’s huge losses to date.


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