WATCH: Social distancing sensors could be the future for safe visits to Spain’s cultural sights

WARNING: The device beeps, flashes and vibrates if the wearer strays closer than two metres to another person CREDIT: Youtube: intoscana

SPAIN’S cultural sights could follow the lead of Italy’s famous Duomo Cathedral in Florence to lure back visitors in and introduce social distancing sensors for people to wear round their necks.

The Duomo explained the sensors will be given out to people free of charge at the start of their visits. Should they stray closer than two metres to another person the gadget beeps, flashes and vibrates.


Many areas of Spain, including the Costa del Sol, Costa Almeria and the Balearic Islands, are expecting to move into Phase two of the lockdown de-escalation next Monday. This would means monuments would be able to join museums in reopening their doors, but limited to only one-third the normal number of visitors and with obligations to ensure people keep a safe distance from each other.

The device adopted by the Duomo looks like it could be a useful tool in enabling Spain’s equivalents to adapt to the ‘new normal’ coronavirus infection risk world and in giving visitors the peace of mind they are safe.


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