UK Expats Suffer Longer in Spain’s Costa Blanca as Hospital Waiting Lists Grow

Patients In Spain’s Costa Blanca Have The Shortest Waiting Time For Surgery
Patients In Spain’s Costa Blanca Have The Shortest Waiting Time For Surgery Image: File Photo, EWN

UK expats have been suffering longer in Spain’s Costa Blanca area as routine hospital operation waiting lists have risen due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The average waiting time in the Valencia Community now stands at 126 days, and a total of 66,973 patients have pending surgeries.

The figures though for Torrevieja and Elche in the south of Alicante Province were substantially lower.


Routine surgical interventions were postponed on March 12 due to the emergency, and that has meant the average delay of 80 days in February has gone up by over 50 per cent in the latest figures that take in April.

The statistics though do tell a more promising story in the south of Alicante Province, which was not as badly hit by Covid-19 as the rest of the Valencia region.

The average waiting time for Torrevieja Hospital was logged at 85 days, whilst Elche recorded a figure of 81 days.

Valencia’s Health Minister, Ana Barceló, said that it will take “a long time” to return to the previous time scale for surgical waiting lists.

She added that a plan was being prepared to return to a “normal” system of healthcare, which she hopes to announce soon, and emphasised that all urgent operations have taken place since March.


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