Proposal for UK Coronavirus Bank Holiday as Britain’s Tourist Industry Loses estimated £37 Billion due to Lockdown

Get ready for an October paddle Credit: Paul Albertella flickr

THE UK tourism agency has come up with the idea that there should be a special coronavirus bank holiday this year, possibly in October to coincide with half term and to cheer people up.

Acting head of Visit Britain, Patricia Yates, spoke to MPs sitting on a select committee and explained that Britain had effectively lost both of the May bank holidays due to the lockdown so it might help to boost income for the tourism industry in particular by extending the season.

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Whilst the matter is being considered by the government there are some doubts as to the viability as bank holidays do come at a cost to the economy and although it wants to support the industry, it would have to consider the situation overall.

According to Ms Yates, likely cost to the tourist industry this year could be as much as £37 billion (€41 billion).


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