BREAKING NEWS: Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez wins vote to extend Lockdown until June 7

Spain releases daily coronavirus figures

The Spanish Prime Minister has exceeded in winning enough votes to extend the emergency lockdown in Spain by a further 15 days.

THE government had initially renounced the one-month extension of the alarm decree at the risk of a parliamentary defeat in the vote that took place today in Congress but instead voted in favour of a new two-week extension, until June 7.

“The alarm state and the de-escalation plan did work. It will not last a day longer than necessary,” said the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez. No one has the right to waste what we have achieved among all.”

Minister Adriana Lastra added: “We still have many uncertainties, but also many certainties. We know that without our responsibility, all that sacrifice will not be enough. We have already seen outbreaks in some territories.”

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