A Trainee Police Constable in Berkshire Resigns after being Branded a Pig for Stealing Breakfasts

Banned for life thanks to full English Breakfast

THE Thames Valley Police Force has strict rules about who may take a free breakfast and who has to pay when attending initial training courses.

One new officer lived less than 20 miles away from the college which meant that he should have paid for his full English, but not only did he take the free food, but blatantly boasted about it to colleagues.

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Within two weeks of starting training, he took at least seven free breakfasts even though he had been told off for a similar theft when he was a PCSO.

Inevitably, he was reported to the police professional standards department and resigned but was still required to take part in a virtual disciplinary hearing which confirmed that his name would be added to a list of those banned from joining any police force in the UK.


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