Vice President of Spain’s Madrid Asks Vox to Act like ‘Patriots’ and to Stop ‘Furthering Conspiracy’ Sorties

Credit: Europa Press

THE vice-president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Agudo, has asked Vox to behave as patriots of Spain, rather than “encouraging tension” and adding fuel to an already hot environment.

Agudo argues that a patriot is not an individual “who confronts half the country” but rather someone who “understands things differently and leads by example.” The regional leader has vouched that now we should work to keep society together and reminded Vox that “there are no elections in sight” so they must “stop twitching the population.”

When asked if the PP is getting closer to Vox, Aguado indicated that this is not something he should answer, and that the question should be redirected to the Popular Party. However, he defended that both in the reign and the capital the collation governments were formed by a “central party and a conservative” who are “working well.”


“If PP wants to change the rules of the game and get closer to Vox, it is their right to do so, but, of course, it is not what was signed in the government agreement. I will continue to defend centrality, freedom, moderation and trying to understand each other looking past parties and the fact that we think differently,” he said.


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