Spanish Town Warns Residents Receiving Public Aid that it will be Withdrawn if they Dump Rubbish

Residents told to respect rules concerning waste disposal La Linea council

WITH some justification, the town of La Linea de la Concepcion which sits opposite the border with Gibraltar has had a reputation as being a difficult town to police.

It has been quite poor and at one time, as budget had run out, it was not able to put fuel into Local Police vehicles and supposedly, officers for a short period of time had to answer calls using local busses.

Things have changed now and not only has central government ensured an increase in the number of National Police and Guardia Civil stationed in the town to combat drug and cigarette smuggling but the council has been able to purchase four new cars and two quad bikes for the Local officers.


This coincides with a meeting held between the council and all three arms of the law to discuss unsocial behaviour and poor disposal of waste.

It has been agreed that all parties will work closely together to keep an eye open for ‘fly tipping’ indiscriminate dropping of rubbish and taking garbage to public bins outside of the designated times.

In the event that anyone who is receiving public aid from the council is caught breaking the rules, then they will suffer the possibility of the aid being withdrawn.


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