Social distancing set to change beach experience in Brit Mallorca holiday hotspot Magaluf

DIFFERENT: Beachgoers to Magaluf this summer will have to stay well spaced apart CREDIT: Liilia Moroz

SOCIAL distancing regulations are set to make going to the beach in Brit Mallorca holiday hotspot Magaluf and along the rest of Calvia’s coastline a different experience from that which the resort’s visitors are used to.

According to Spanish press reports, the local council is considering setting a minimum distance of between four and 4.4 metres between sun umbrellas and is looking at how far apart family groups or individual sunbathers on open areas of beaches should be.

The administration is reportedly working on drawing up a plan for ensuring health safety and the prevention of coronavirus infection which fully complies with ICTE Tourist Quality Institute protocols for the whole of Spain’s coast and which works for all 33 of the municipality’s beaches, of all which have their own particular characteristics.


The plan will also have to cover issues like disinfection of sunbeds, beach walkways and showers, as well as how best to indicate to beachgoers the new regulations they will have to comply with.


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