Expat Resident asks for Support in Petitioning Council to Introduce Bike Lanes in City on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Dejected cyclist walks off Credit: Local Police

A BRITISH resident in Marbella, Angela Lafferty is part of a group Acción por el Clima Marbella and she came up with the idea of petitioning for better and permanent cycling lanes in the city.

During lockdown, the streets were mainly empty of cars and as we move into Phase 1 so there are bound to be more cyclists on the street, but there needs to be delineation between cyclist and cars on the roads and cyclists and pedestrians on the pavements.

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The Marbella Council has already sealed off part of the Paseo Maritimo to those on bikes and has set up a temporary cycle lane which is in theory aimed to make life better for all.

The petition on change.org/MarbellaPlanBici reminds everyone that there was a draft Bicycle Lanes Master Plan drawn up five years ago which would have made travel by bicycle safer for all, but it must have been filed away and forgotten.

Now, she and her cycling friends think, is the ideal time for the Marbella Council to put together a new plan to give those who live in Marbella and in its ‘suburbs’ the chance to enjoy the exercise and freedom of cycling without facing the dangers of cars or risking injury to pedestrians.

If you agree that Marbella needs to introduce a sustainable urban mobility plan which includes well thought out bike lanes, sign the petition.


  1. I’ll sign her petition IF the town hall can permanently ban all bikes and scooters, electric and otherwise, from the paseo marítimo. The mix of people enjoying a stroll by the sea and lunatics on bikes is a recipe for disaster.


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