Alcohol Gel is Inflammable and can Catch Fire if Exposed to Direct Sunlight here in Spain

An example of what could happen Credit: Facebook

THE general consensus of opinion with regards to safety during this current Covid-19 pandemic is that you should always use alcohol gel to clean your hands, especially if you have been out, even if wearing gloves.

What isn’t so easily understood is that this gel is inflammable and if you keep a small bottle in your car to use after shopping for example, don’t leave it someone where the sun can hit it.

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In the same way that you can use a magnifying glass to start a fire from the sun’s rays, so the same could happen if the gel bottle is left on a seat, dashboard or in a door pocket.

With Spain likely to see a bout of hot weather just keep the warning in mind and either put your gel into a glove compartment or better still take it with you.


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