What Virus? Video of Spain’s Barcelona Full of Sunbathers and Athletes Despite Being In Phase 0 Sparks Outrage


A video of Barceloneta beach in Barcelona, Spain, has gone viral and sparked outrage amongst residents as the hotspot was packed with sunbathers and athletes, despite the city being in Phase 0. 

THE scenes witnessed in the video look as if there were no trace of a pandemic from recent months.

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Many of the reactions on social media platforms have questioned the video, by sarcastically questioning, what virus?

It would not appear as if Barcelona was in the middle of the worst health crisis it has ever experienced due to the hundreds of people seen on the beach and paseo earlier today. Many individuals are not wearing masks, and others are blatantly breaking the rules and sunbathing. From this video, you would never deduce that the city is still in Phase 0.


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