Safety screens for Velez-Malaga taxis as well as added protection of masks for both drivers and passengers

MORE PROTECTION: Screens to separate drivers and passengers, credit: Velez-Malaga town hall

VELEZ-MALAGA Town Hall has begun installing protective screens inside the municipality’s 44 taxis.

These will separate the drivers and passengers so they can travel secure in the knowledge that adequate health and safety measures are in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus, said Transport and Public Safety councillor Jose Maria Dominguez.

Masks will also be provided for both cabbies and their clients, and the taxis will also be provided with adhesive panels detailing the hygiene and health regulations required for public transport during the central government’s de-escalation programme.


Transport is important for residents travelling to work each day and also for those having to make urgent journeys out, Velez-Malaga mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer said.

“We must be able to guarantee a safe service both for our taxi-drivers and their clients and minimise any risk of contagion so that we may be included in the next de-escalation phases,” he added.





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