More space for more terrace tables in Calpe will help to compensate owners’ lockdown losses during the Covid-19 health crisis

Important Update On NEW Valencia Regulations
Important Update On NEW Valencia Regulations credit: Calpe town hall

BAR, café and restaurant owners can occupy more than their allocated space, Calpe Town Hall confirmed.

With only terraces allowed to open during Phase One of the de-escalation process, the local government hopes in this way to compensate some of owners’ losses occasioned by the Covid-19 health crisis.

Territory councillor Juan Manuel del Pino confirmed that the town hall did not intend to follow guidelines setting out that terrace tables should be reduced by half.


Instead, his department was instead complying with social distancing directives ordering a two-metre distance between tables while allowing these to be set up in a larger area.

This will be achieved by allowing tables to occupy spaces usually reserved for vehicles.  As well as requiring council approval, the Local Police will have to give the plan the go-ahead as the extra tables must not obstruct traffic.




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