‘Italexit’ on the cards as Italians demand a vote to leave the EU as soon as possible

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Italians angry over the lack of help from the EU during the Coronavirus Crisis are demanding a vote to leave the block.

Italy was the first country in Europe to be placed on strict lockdown as it struggled to cope with the spread of Covid-19. As the epidemic took hold in February, starting in the northern city of Lombardy, its European neighbours largely looked on and did nothing to help relieve the burden.

Months later as the lockdown is slowly lifted and Italians begin to tentatively venture out, there is growing concern over the economic impact of the crisis.

"Italexit" on the cards as Italians demand a vote to leave the EU as soon as possible
As the lockdown in Italy is slowly relaxed the public mood has changed towards the EU – they want out!

The discontent among Italians has given way to rising support for the idea of an independent Italy outside of the EU. A survey of 1,000 Italians carried out in April by Tecne showed 42 per cent would like to see their country break ties with Brussels. This marked a jump from 26 per cent in November 2018. Marco Tondo, a real estate agent based in Rome, sums up the lack of confidence in the EU.


“I have changed my mind a little on Europe.

“We are facing an absolute emergency, and seeing countries turning their backs on each other is really awkward.” The 34-year-old is receiving nine weeks’ redundancy pay from the government at 80 per cent of his normal salary.

But fear is growing over how far the country’s wage compensation fund can stretch…


  1. the EU what can I say it is a total failure they promised so much but took loads
    countries fell for the old trap of get something for nothing (poverty)
    if they had stayed out of the EU what would have happened well they wouldn’t be in financial mess
    italy and the rest should get out now while the going is good
    look at the UK we did it was there any of the harsh things that they said was going to happen
    has it happened
    this shows that getting out isnt such a bad thing and I should know I and a volutary member of the GDPR a british creation not european although the EU like to stick it’s name on everything
    well we will be taking that back and do you know what I do like is that germany last year incured such big fines for data breach and they say they would never do any thing like that shows who you can trust doesn’t it !


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