Euro Weekly News’ political opinion from Spain – Party benefits, public struggles

What’s in it for me?: Political parties reaping their own benefits. Credit: Twitter

THE Covid-19 crisis is causing a major distancing between Spanish society and its political representatives.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez maintains his intention to ask Congress for 30-day extension and for this he will have to negotiate with Catalonia and Basque parties for their votes of agreement with him for a further month-long State of Alarm. However, these two parties aren’t necessarily voting to do with Covid, they are making a gesture in hope of future backing when it comes to revisiting discussions on their independence.

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On the other hand, he is also negotiating with Ciudadanos who seem to be more interested in a vote of no confidence for the president of Madrid’s autonomous community. Which from Sanchez point of view would be a great benefit to him.

Meanwhile, thousands of families are being forced to seek support from social aid and charities just to be able to have basic necessities.

If the parties currently supporting Sanchez back out this could then make way for a vote of no confidence which would then put his position up for re-election. Spain’s electorate seems to have little memory of this and the political parties know this therefore this could push for general elections and a reboot.


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