Don’t put out the welcome mat for Madrid minister fumes the PP’s spokesman in Velez-Malaga

ALBERTO GARZON: Controversial comments on tourism Photo credit: Moncloa Pool

VELEZ-MALAGA’S Partido Popular wants Alberto Garzon, Spain’s Minister of Consumer Affairs, to be declared persona non grata.

Garzon does not deserve to be welcomed by the town after describing tourism as “precarious, seasonal and low-value,” claimed PP spokesman Francisco Delgado Bonilla who will propose the motion at the next plenary council meeting.

Garzon’s “contemptuous” words scorned the work of so many business-owners and employees, he said.


“The sector is of strategic importance to Spain’s economy, representing 12.3 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product,” he pointed out

“Tourism is one of the activities that generates most wealth and employment in Spain and is thriving, competitive, dynamic and innovative.”

Coastal town halls like Velez-Malaga that depend to a large extent on tourism should take the initiative regarding the minister’s comments about a sector of key importance in generating wealth and employment, the PP spokesman declared.




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