China Threatens to Retaliate against 122 Countries over Coronavirus Accusations


CHINA promises revenge as 122 countries join together and call for a coronavirus inquiry

A total of 122 countries have formed a coalition that supports Australia’s call for an independent probe to investigate the causes of the coronavirus pandemic that allegedly started in Wuhan, China.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has felt the wrath of Beijing, after China threatened to decimate his country’s economy unless the inquiry initiative is dropped. The need for an inquiry will be voted on by 194 nations at the World Health Assembly on Tuesday.

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Meanwhile, China has increased its belligerent threats towards Australia with a suggestion they may place a crippling tariff on barley exports, something that would severely affect an economy only just emerging from a year of drought and massive bush fires that decimated thousands of hectares of forest and wiped out complete species of animals.

It remains to be seen what China has in store regards the other 122 countries asking for an explanation regarding a so-called cover-up of the coronavirus pandemic origin.



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