As South Korea plays Football Behind Closed Doors, Sex Dolls Allegedly Appear in Crowd

There was no swearing from this crowd Credit: Twitter

SOUTH KOREAN football club FC Seoul scored a real own goal as they played their first match behind closed doors as due to a mix-up, after creating a crowd in the stadium many were ‘adult toys.’

The idea was to bring a bit of atmosphere for TV viewers as they took on Gwangju winning 1-0 but they got a red card from local media for not realising that some of the mannequins they had obtained were actually realistic sex dolls based on local social media star BJ Chaero.

They were all modestly dressed in team colours, many wearing masks and in many ways it very much a storm in a B Cup but the management has since apologised for its mistake saying that it had ordered mannequins but there was a bit of a mix-up at the manufacturers.


There had been some exchanges with another company that was purchasing sex toys and inadvertently, some of the wrong models were supplied by the manufacturer.


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