Angry residents confront boozers flouting social distancing rules in bar in Spain holiday island Mallorca

OVERCROWDED: Images posted on social media show drinkers bunched up on the bar terrace CREDIT: Toni Always Ascending Twitter @3404metros

ANGRY residents confronted a group of boozers flouting social distancing rules in a bar in Mallorca capital Palma at the weekend.

Spanish press reported that more than 25 revellers were bunched up on the small terrace of the Italian-owned bar in the popular Santa Catalina district on Friday night, on which there was just three small tables, in a violation of regulations the maximum number of people allowed in an establishment’s outdoor areas at any one time and on ensuring minimum distances people to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

People living nearby overheard the hub of conversation and laughter on the street and called the police. But according to reports, some disgruntled locals decided to give the drinkers, most of them Italians, and none of them wearing face masks, a piece of their minds.


They demanded the owner clear the space, leading to somewhat heightened tensions and an exchange of insults, while most of the bar customers refused to leave, press said.

It wasn’t until the police turned up that the situation calmed down.


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