After a Month Convalescing, Mayor of largest City in Spain’s Costa del Sol Returns to Work

The mayor in teleconference with colleagues on first day back at work Paco de la Torre

WHILST all of Spain was involved in tackling the coronavirus, Covid-19 pandemic, 77-year-old mayor of Malaga, Paco de la Torre was recovering from a subdural haematoma which occurred on April 11.

This is a form of slow bleeding which takes place in the head and unless operated on can be very serious, especially in the elderly.

The mayor was taken into the CHIP hospital in Malaga City and after the successful operation was discharged a few days later, but was instructed to take a month off for convalescence which he did.


Having now been examined and given the all clear, the mayor returned to work today (May 18) no doubt pleased that Malaga Province and his city have entered Phase 1 of the lockdown.


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