Ryanair Voucher Fiasco as Top-Up Requests Disgust Travellers to Spain’s Costa del Sol

#ryanair #costadelsol

Holidaymakers to Benalmadena on Spain’s Costa del Sol were asked to pay a whopping £300 extra on top of the £200 they already paid for a cancelled Ryanair flight in June.

Customers that had vouchers issued for cancelled flights from Ryanair are being charged anywhere from €25 to €300 to rebook – and they are FURIOUS!!

Social Media is proving to be the weapon of choice for disgruntled passengers trying to get their cases heard, here are just a few…

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#ryanair #costadelsol #benalmadena

#ryanair #costadelsol #benalmadena


There are literally thousands of customers airing their grievances at Ryanair and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Mike Chart on Facebook: “I’ve been trying four weeks to get a refund from Ryanair after they cancelled our flight. I’ve been offered a voucher then cash then a voucher and then cash again. I rang, chatted online and emailed their CEOs dozens of times. Still nothing. Will NEVER use this disgusting company again.”
“We had a problem with Ryanair two years ago and had to find our own way home from Malaga. Used KLM FROM MADRID. They are a million per cent better than the cowboy outfit, Ryanair.”
“Try sending an email to their CEOs every day. Let me know if you want their email addresses”!!!

Like most other airlines that have cancelled flights due to the crisis they have promised to issue refunds or vouchers, however, most have accepted vouchers as they are told a cash refund could be six months away. TW



  1. Ryan Air want me to pay another £89 to change my flight from June to January why!! I’ve already paid £109 it’s one way can’t be right this Easy jet let me change my other flights free no charge hassle free never again with Ryan Air enough is enough!!!

  2. I had my flight to Bodrum on the 13th of June cancelled. I was offered a voucher or a rescheduleday flight and I chose the latter. I am now booked to fly on the 4th of July at no extra cost or expense.


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