Freedom to get exercise any time of day for Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca expats in areas with up to 10,000 residents in change to lockdown phase one regulations

WARNING: Exercise time slots could be reintroduced in areas experiencing an increase in Covid-19 infections

EXPATS on Spain’s Costa del Sol and the whole of the Costa Blanca living in areas with up to 10,000 residents have the freedom to go out for their authorised walk or exercise at any time of day under a change to the lockdown de-escalation Phase one regulations.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez informed the presidents of Spain’s regional governments today Sunday during their weekly videoconference meeting that the exemption from set time slots according to age for getting fresh air and exercise will now be extended from municipalities of less than 5,000 inhabitants throughout Phase one.

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The Costa del Sol and the whole of Malaga Province, along with those areas of the Costa Blanca which did not move into the first phase on May 11, will be enjoying the easing of restrictions from tomorrow Monday.

The Health Ministry’s Coordination Centre for Health Alerts and Emergencies director Fernando Simon did however warn during his appearance before the cameras today that the time slot restrictions would be reintroduced in any area experiencing an increase in Covid-19 infections.

In municipalities with more populations of more than 10,000 adults can go out within a kilometre of their homes to walk or to do activities like run or cycle from 6am to 10am and from 8pm to 11pm. The designated time for outings with children is from 12pm to 7pm, with a maximum period of an hour. Over-70s and people who need to go out with a carer have from 10am to 12pm and 7-8pm.


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