Free Parking in Blue Zones Cancelled by Municipality in Spain’s Costa del Sol

Parking in blue zone no longer free Credit: Zulio flickr

WHEN the State of Alarm was declared in Spain, the Marbella Council announced that it would allow drivers to leave their cars parked in blue zones without restriction on the duration and without having to pay for the parking.

Now that the city is moving into Phase 1, spokesman Félix Romero announced in a television interview that the charges at blue zones would be reintroduced.

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The council believes that in order to assist local business it is important that there is movement of vehicles particularly in different commercial areas around the municipality.

In the meantime, Ciudadanos councillor, María García has asked that the council consider extending residents parking permits which had paid for in advance so that they do not lose out financially due to the nearly two months when parking was free.


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