Boogie Down With The Bosch-Drive-in Raves Proves an Instant Success in Germany

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The world’s first drive-in raves are being held in Germany – and they are proving to be a resounding success.

THE most recent took place on Friday night in Schüttorf, a town in Lower Saxony near the Dutch border, and was organised by Holger Boesch, owner of local venue Club Index.

A festival stage equipped with a full sound system and lighting rig was erected in Club Index’s car park and 250 cars with a maximum of two people per vehicle were allowed to enjoy the party.

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DJs including Nitefield, MarvU and Devin Wild played and video clips of their sets have since gone viral.

Drive-In Rave In Schüttorf, Germany

Meanwhile in Germany last friday…⚡️😜🍾🚀😈🕺🧚‍♀️#Drive_In_Rave

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